Terracotta Temples of Bengal

Vaishnavism swept through Bengal in the 16th century and inspired three centuries of temple-building, during which thousands of temples were sponsored by kings, merchants, and zamindars. The patrons and sutradhars (architects) of these temples clearly valued experimentation and individuality. In fact there are so many variations in architectural styles that the temples defy easy architectural … Continue reading Terracotta Temples of Bengal

Durga in Indian Architecture

Every autumn, Bengalis in Kolkata and around the world immerse themselves in four days of prayers, rituals, and celebration centred around the worship of the Devi Durga in her Mahishamardhini form. Devotees and visitors to such events see the familiar ensemble of dieties on centrestage: the Devi stands astride her lion vahana and holds a … Continue reading Durga in Indian Architecture