Terracotta Temples

I have been studying Bengal’s terracotta temples since 2005. Visiting villages in the Bengali countryside to study these temples – their architecture, sculpture, and iconography¬†– has been one of my life’s greatest pleasures.

More than 3000 brick temples were built in Bengal in the 16th-19th centuries, many of them decorated with beautiful terracotta panels. Only the most interesting of these are in the lists below which I have compiled over the years and made available online.

Bangladesh (102)

Bankura (141)

Birbhum (114)

Howrah (30)

Hugli (320)

Murshidabad (35)

The lists are actively maintained. Please contact me about any errors or omissions.

Acknowledgement: In the 1960s, 70s, and 80s researchers like David McCutchion, Pranab Ray, Sambhunath Mitra, Hitesranjan Sanyal, Amiya Bandyopadhyay, and Tarapada Santra painstakingly traversed the Bengali countryside to survey and write about Bengali temples. The lists above are compiled from their research, from the Jela Purakirti (District Archeology) series of books published in the 1980s, and on more recent fieldwork by me and many fellow researchers and travellers.

Shyama Raya Temple, Bishnupur